Manage your sometimes complex and complicated Stable Value managers requirements on a single integrated comprehensive system.

VestServe’s Investment Management System – “IMS” fully supports the active management of all stable value instruments. IMS provides real-time book value accounting on the underlying portfolios of both priced securities and non-priced instruments, such as private placements.

Book Value Accounting 

  • Instrument Types
    • Traditional GIC’s, Evergreens.
    • Synthetics and separate account GICs – provides many ways to monitor underlying assets.
    • Pooled Synthetics – maintain multiple wrap contracts on a single underlying portfolio.
  • Supports all pertinent accrual methods and periodicities (calendars).
  • Gross and net accruals (with resets) with the various resetting fee spreads
  • Customizes deposit, payment and reset schedules.
  • Calculate the crediting rate using underlying valuations and analytics (book-to-market analysis).
  • Offers various crediting rate methods from underlying portfolios to set the contract rate. Synthetic crediting methods include IRR, Geometric and Amortization.

Other Stable Value Capabilities:

  • Warehouse to maintain your underlying (market value) assets, in a variety of ownership structures, without burdensome accounting.
  • Aggregate the book value to market value components.
  • Report book and market values along with various analytics.
  • Maintain ratings for issues and or issuers over time, even with custom, blended ratings.
  • Analyze crediting rate projection, default projection, and yield curve effect, projected withdrawal effects.
  • Fund Accounting: dollar per share and NAV funds.

Flexible Synthetic Contract Specifications Provided:

  • Any choice of a complete list of interest accruals and day count methods.
  • The establishment of buy windows and caps.
  • Flexible payment schedules and early redemptions.
  • Complete control over pass-throughs to the contract holder; principal, interest or both.
  • Flexible and sophisticated tiered family asset-based fees and net-gross spread support.