VestServe’s customers manage over $100 Billion in assets on our IMS platform.  We have delivered trusted solutions to family offices, investment companies, pensions and foundations since our founding in 2001.   We support virtually any instrument.  IMS offers extensive features including multi-currency accounting, fund unitization, GIPS compliant performance measurement, analytics and modeling.  Contact us to find out more about VestServe.

The powerful proprietary reporting tool enables investment managers to analyze their data in any number of ways, thus supplying accurate information to clients or family members on-demand is made easy. Customers can choose from full investment accounting to data aggregation and reporting. Integrations to custodians, pricing services and other ancillary systems are provided.   You can offload your IT ans use our hosted SaaS service, or you can host your own internal services.

Our Philosophy

Investment Accounting & Reporting Made to Order

There are a number of good investment reporting products on the market today. They bring in summary data from outside managers and provide a user friendly tool for their customers. They are very good as far as they go but…they don’t perform detailed accounting. The premise from which we operate is that bringing in all the transactions so the software can calculate accruals, payments and the like is the only way to get truly accurate reporting. How can one calculate IRR for a private equity fund without all the flows by type, date and amount? So we built a first class investment accounting system including a proprietary reporting tool that includes a vast array of formulas. We added to it a front end that is able to plug and play to virtually any trading platform. The result is a very powerful end-to-end investment management solution called IMS.  Even with all our strengths we recognize the endless possibilities in the instruments, terms, fees, etc. that an investment firm can offer.  That is why we have become very good at building enhancements our customers require; then we add them to our solution as a fully supported feature of the software.  This combination of out-of-the-box features plus custom deliverables truly sets us apart.

Key VestServe Team members

Peter Hodges, our founder, is still at the helm of VestServe as its CEO and visionary. He leads a team of highly experienced developers who deliver enhancements to IMS consistently and continuously. Our dedicated implementation and support staff is comprised of individuals with strong backgrounds in investment accounting.


Peter Hodges


Chris Laursen
Client Services

We use VestServe’s IMS to manage the investment accounting for our proprietary funds that we offer our member churches.  Our customer base has grown rapidly since we implemented IMS in 2014.  Reasons for the increase are threefold…more accurate data, the ability to provide real-time information to customers and a beautiful looking customer statement.  Recently, we have increased the products we offer because we know IMS is able to support them.

Stephen Clark, President

Virginia United Methodist Foundation

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