Endowments, Foundations, and Trusts require a complete financial solution that includes accounting tools to track fund activity, policies, fees, donations and expenditures while enabling managers to
focus on managing the portfolio and working with constituents. Managing endowments and other restricted accounts requires specialized unitized accounting.


  • Track and invest donor-advised funds in one place
  • Analyze current investments and monitor asset allocation
  • Provide timely information to donors, beneficiaries and management
  • Operate more efficiently, realize lower costs and provide improved customer service


Key Features

  • Fund Administration (for Endowments and Foundations)
    • IMS’ flexible accounting engine provides full daily accrual and pooled
      funds accounting (unitization).
    • IMS accounts for investment pools with varying distribution rules for
      shares, income, spending, and gains.
    • Full participant NAV accounting (using omnibus accounts or individual
      participant tracking)
    • NAV funds (units), dollar per share funds, unitized funds, and derivative
    • Money Market Funds with 2A-7 and UCITs compliance support.
    • Hedge Funds, multi-class funds (with ‘expense’ fees), and master
      feeder structures.
    • Unlimited depth of ownership for funds of funds structures.
    • IMS is able to calculate internal mutual fund NAV’s.
  • Other Accounting Features
    • Automatically projects cash flows and valuations user chooses,
      enabling “what if” and side-by-side scenario analyses
    • Supports required fee structures at every level…administrative fees, gift fees and investment management fees
    • Reconcile daily activity with custodians using reports that show
      matched and unmatched records for correction or deletion
    • Complete real-time cash accounting and management. Total liquidity
      is available at all times
    • Reconcile daily activity with custodians using reports that show
      matched and unmatched records for correction or deletion
    • Quickbooks general ledger integration
    • Drill-down from summary reports into the detailed transactions and
    • Front office features
  • Performance measurement tools
    • Many price sensitivity, yield, and return measures
    • Asset allocations and contribution returns broken out by country,
      currency, sector, sub-sector, asset type, portfolios or any desired group
    • Integrated analytics such as sharpe, sortino, standard deviation, beta,
      yield, duration, convexity
    • Portfolio contribution and attribution
  • Powerful Reporting Capabilities
    • Drag and drop design tool to add fields (including user defined fields),
      groups and formulas to enable customized reports
    • Powerful formula engine turns reports into analytical tools
    • Report on any time frame, future or historic
    • Directly output any report to Excel, PDF, Word, Email or Fax
    • Web reporting for customer access via a secure client portal
  • Trade Order Management
  • Issue trade settlement and track status through SWIFT and FIX
    messaging capabilities
  • Require Trade approval by restricting unauthorized users to save
    non-compliant trades to a staging area for management approval
  • Allocate block trades across various portfolios various means: by
    percentages, share counts, or other methods as easily as you would a standard trade with a single owner.
  • Produce customizable trade tickets for back office processing
  • Integrations to variousTrading systems can be provided