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Structured Product Issuance and Management

IMS supports the complete accounting and active management of structured derivatives including various classes of notes which are linked to instruments (i.e. equities, indexes, CDs, etc.), inflation linked instruments (TIPS), CDOs, CLOs, Swaps, Stable Value instruments, and other derivatives.

  • Securitize almost any collection of assets, and value the resulting derivatives using a broad array of tools.
  • Account for and track CDOs, Private Placements, Private Equity, and Stable Value instruments.
  • Automatically schedule, track and report on contracted payments and deposits.
  • Track covenants and provide automatic notifications for violations and/or any desired tolerance.
  • Manage pass-through payments from tranches (both liquidity and remainder) based on their hierarchy, overcollateralization and interest guarantees.
  • Track futures, forwards, options, swaps and all their flows.
  • Mark-to-market Private Placement assets, by discounting cash flows at the appropriate rates from a yield curve.