Extensive Query and Reporting Capabilities

Portfolio managers searching for new solutions often put a powerful, flexible reporting engine at the top of his/her wish list. IMS’ flexible reporting capabilities are designed to meet the most demanding requirements. With the click of a button, IMS can report current, historical, and projected positions and activity on any past or future date. IMS is delivered with a complete set of standard reports which can be scheduled to print on queue as required. But the real flexibility of the reporting engine lies within its ability to immediately turn any screened query into an “ad hoc report”, which can then be modified to meet your precise needs.


Powerful reporting capabilities:

With our user-friendly interface, users can create customized reports to achieve any precise goal.

  • Screen any query and then immediately turn it into an “ad hoc” report. Then update (drill down to) to any report field (including user-defined fields) and refresh it to show the report with the new data.
  • Using IMS’ unique drag and drop “Design Tool” users can add fields, define groups and subtotals, and create their own formulas and filters to create complex reports that can graphed immediately.
  • Once created reports can then be saved in either private or public directories, where they can be shared with other users.
  • Customize reports using any of the hundreds of analytic and accounting fields that are available.
  • IMS’ powerful formula engine and integrated analytics turns the report writer into a valuable analytical tool.
  • Because IMS maintains a complete history and projects future activity, users can report on any time frame, either future or historic.
  • Any report can be directly output to Excel, Word, fax, PDF, or a formatted e-mail to be sent to multiple recipients or mail-merged for subsequent presentation to clients and senior management.
  • Customized reports can be delivered (designed to meet various customer levels or individual needs) to your web portal for push or pull customer reporting.
  • Report on underlying valuations to view the assets within a portfolio, and the positions and analytics exclusive of unposted activity.
  • IMS’ powerful reporting tools will significantly reduce the use of external spreadsheets, which may be inherently inaccurate.

As a result, IMS improves the efficiency of your operations by fulfilling several needs with a single solution, allowing portfolio managers to concentrate on managing portfolios rather than data. With IMS, reporting is a key analytical tool.