Portfolio Modeling:

Reliable portfolio-management tools are essential for making accurate and timely decisions for your clients. With IMS, managers can design portfolio models to keep holdings within specified guidelines. Whenever a modeling guideline is violated, IMS can suggest trades, based on pre-established rules, to bring the portfolio in line with its objectives. This ensures that your clients’ strategies are protected efficiently and precisely.


Other Capabilities Include:

  • Perform “what if” scenario analysis during rebalancing or when performing a single trade to view how the impending action will affect a portfolio’s performance.
  • Use integrated rules based modeling/compliance to keep portfolios in line with their models or benchmarks.
  • Manage and report on portfolios through unlimited user-defined reports using IMS’ unique “Design Tool”.
  • Project cash and perform liquidity analysis.
  • Restrict access to portfolio information based on “user rights”.