Solutions by Instruments

IMS is a robust multi-currency investment management solution that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide accuracy in real time. It accurately accounts for most any negotiable instrument, including equities, fixed income, structured investments, mutual funds (participant accounting, NAV, classes), hedge funds and funds of funds.

True Multi-currency:

IMS is a true multi-currency accounting system. A specific base currency is not required for currency transactions or holdings; IMS will include currency conversions when required as a separate but related transaction. The system will report positions in the asset’s local currency, the portfolio’s converted base currency, or both. Gains and losses can be reported in multiple currencies.


Manage equities long and short including options. Improve efficiencies by allocating block trades. Model portfolios (rules based environment) to benchmark weightings such as the S&P 500, FTSE 300 or to custom allocation models or social rules. Then compare their performance to the benchmarks. Use pre-trade and post-trade compliance to validate portfolio rebalancing and individual trade decisions. Perform portfolio contribution and attribution, including multi-currency attribution, and compare performance of portfolios or composites to benchmarks. Import data (prices, instruments, ratings, and analytics) from external sources and use it to manage holdings. Measure risk using integrated analytics like Sharpe, Sortino, standard deviation, Rsquared, beta plus others.

Comprehensive Fixed Income Software:

Account for and manage most any fixed income security including difficult derivatives. Perform daily accrual and pooled funds accounting. Specify how an instrument should automatically reset from an applied benchmark. Analyze rate risk analysis using sensitivity analysis and yield curve analysis. Value projected flows by discounting per a given yield curve (with a shift). Account for and manage duration on mortgage backed instruments projecting PSA prepayment factors using the appropriate business days. Control pass-through activity (waterfall) on underlying portfolios of mortgage backed securities. Maintain collateral, guarantors and ratings on instruments and issuers over time or across portfolios. Perform performance measurement using GIPS time weighted rate of return (modified Dietz), IRR and analytics like yield, duration and convexity.

Structured Product Issuance and Management:

IMS supports the complete accounting and active management of structured derivatives including various classes of notes which are linked to instruments (i.e. equities, indexes, CDs, etc.), inflation linked instruments (TIPS), CDOs, CLOs, Swaps, stable value instruments, and other derivatives. Securitize almost any collection of assets, and value the resulting derivatives using a broad array of tools. Account for and track CDOs, Private Placements, Private Equity, and Stable Value instruments. Automatically schedule, track and report on contracted payments and deposits. Track covenants and provide automatic notifications for violations and/or any desired tolerance. Manage pass-through payments from tranches (both liquidity and remainder) based on their hierarchy, overcollateralization and interest guarantees. Track futures, forwards, options, swaps and all their flows. Mark-to-market Private Placement assets, by discounting cash flows at the appropriate rates from a yield curve.

Sophisticated Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund Accounting Software:

Mutual Fund Accounting: IMS accounts for mutual funds (including fund classes) and their participants in real time. As valuations in a mutual fund’s underlying positions change, the fund’s NAV immediately reflects the new valuation. Portfolio assets can be reported as either units or the underlying assets at market value. Typical fund types include dollar-per-share and non-dollar per share funds. Manage your mutual fund’s underlying assets on IMS using integrated features such as modeling/compliance, performance measurement and strong reporting tools. Hedge Fund Accounting: IMS supports full investment and participant accounting for hedge funds and funds of funds. Health Care Savings Accounts: IMS supports the complete accounting for Health Care Savings Accounts and their associated Health Care Savings Units. Money Market Accounting: Integrated SEC Rule 2a-7 and UCITS compliance saves time and improves the accuracy of your trading decisions for money markets.