VestServe’ Investment Management System (IMS) is a fully integrated investment management and accounting solution. By integrating the front, middle and back office operations into one solution, VestServe can improve an organization’s business performance while lowering total cost of ownership.

How IMS can help achieve these goals:

  • Reduce Costs and Risks - Built on a centralized data store, IMS consolidates your systems onto one platform to reduce costs and improve accuracy at every level.
  • Improve Operating Efficiencies - Relieve yourself of burdensome spreadsheets and secondary systems. Allow your portfolio managers to concentrate on managing portfolios rather than data. Make accurate and timely decisions for your clients without leaving the core application using IMS’ integrated portfolio management tools: Positions Workshop, Compliance Manager, performance measurement, and yield curve analysis.
  • Increase Accuracy and Reliability - Improve the accuracy of your operations with IMS’ real-time accounting, proper audit controls, strong security, complete historical records, and flexible reporting for any time period.
  • Improve Customer Service - Respond quickly to customer requests for information using IMS’ integrated performance tools and powerful reporting capabilities. Create ad hoc reports, including performance measurement, for any time frame and formatted as required, and export them to MSWord, Excel, e-mail, mail-merge, PDF or Crystal Reports. IMS is designed to meet the most demanding reporting requirements.
  • Use your data - Companies often have difficulty maintaining and accessing their data outside of the restrictive paramaters of a a single purpose system. IMS operates as a complete SubLedger system. IMS is a platform that enables you to track the data and generate the analysis and reports that you need. It also integrates with a wide variety of systems and parties: brokers, custodians, General Ledger, CRM, and trading.