Our Financial Systems’ management team has a long track record of operational excellence and a proven ability to acquire and integrate complementary businesses. They help foster VestServe's entrepreneurial culture and are highly committed to the company’s long-term goals up our solution.


  • Streamline integration with custodians and brokers.
  • Model portfolios to weightings, or to custom allocation models, and compare their performance to the benchmarks.
  • Choose from multiple costing methods: LIFO, FIFO, Weighted Average, and selected tax lots.
  • Allocate trades using various allocation tools.
  • Define composites (changing over time), for streamlined aggregated analysis.
  • Perform portfolio contribution and attribution, including multi-currency attribution.

Comprehensive Fixed Income:

  • Accrue all valuations daily, keeping a complete history and projecting to maturity.
  • Project cash flows using referenced yield curve forward rates.
  • Project PSA prepayment factors on CMOs using the applicable business days.
  • Perform valuation sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis.
  • Report endless analytics including GIPS-compliant time-weighted rate of return.
  • Maintain collateral, guarantors, and ratings for instruments and issuers over time or across services.
  • Real-time integrated compliance, including SEC Rule 2a-7 and UCITS.

Derivatives and Structured Products (Including Issuing/Securitizing):

  • Track futures, forwards, options, swaps, and all their flows.
  • Track other asset types in detail such as Stable Salue and Private Placements and Private Equity.
  • Schedule contracted payments and deposits.
  • Manage pass-through payments to tranches (both liquidity and remainder) based on their hierarchy and overcollateralization and interest guarantees.
  • Securitize and manage or account for almost any collection of assets.
  • Value derivatives using a broad array of tools.

Fund and Participant Accounting:

  • Fund Types include Dollar-per-share or NAV, hedge, funds of funds, fund classes (with fee structures).
  • Other fund types including Unit Investment Trusts, Derivative Pools, and REITS.
  • Maintain detailed hierarchies of ownership in real time.
  • Report indirect proportionate ownership in the underlying assets.


General purpose:

  • Automation - Scheduled imports reports
  • Integration -Brokers, Custodians General Ledger, CRM System
  • Hosted internet access (software as a service)
  • Web reporting.
  • Multi-currency - reported in the local currency, a converted currency, or both. Gains and losses are reported in either currency.
  • Structure Fees so that they are calculated and applied for you.
  • Many valuations (bases of accounting): market value, GAAP, amortized cost, book value, or STAT.